Boondocking @ Owens River Road Dispersed Camping, Inyo National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, California. #RVLIFESTYLE

Alrighty. Decided to move today. I know. I know. Keep saying I’m going to and SHOULD stay put. Wasn’t feeling my spot by the Tonopah Stargazing Park in Central Nevada. It was nice enough. It was very rocky and dusty and while I was out walking with Shadow…. I noticed that quite a few folks had been using the area to dump stuff. Plus internet for VZW was spotty and I had NFL to watch today damn it!! (my streaming app is on my VZW phone….and my AT&T hotspot is low on data)….so woke up early as usual and was on the road by 7am.

Destination Yosemite. It was either that or Vegas. Figured I’d knock Yosemite out before it gets totally snowed in, then I can fool around in Vegas 😉

So, I drove about 2.5 hours until I ended up here….Owens River Road Dispersed Camping, in the Inyo National Forest…. which is of course part of the Sierra Nevada mountain⛰ range. I’m about 6 miles north of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. What a ride in from Tonopah. Rt 95/6 west to Rt. 120 to Rt.395. Wow. Jaw dropping scenery. I know I say that a lot, but really this is at the top of the list. Add it to your bucket. Just trust me…..but I’m certain others will chime in and confirm, once they read where I’m at.

Anyway. This spot is cool. Reminds a lot of a spot that I was at by Crater Lake. Same type of geography. This camp is basically a big loop with various pullouts. Free. No services. Level. No one here. Big boy RV’s can fit. Not dusty or rocky at all…..great for your dog or kids to run around in. Huge pine cones all over…..like the size of your head!…… well a small head. Lol. Lots of birds 🐦 cruising around. Very peaceful. I’m actually only about a quarter mile in from Rt. 395….but with the trees etc….can’t really see or hear it. No OTA TV. No Radio. With the ski resort close….both VZW and AT&T are wicked fast. VZW 34 mbps down/9 up. AT&T 110 mbps down/ 5 up. There are some breaks in the trees to charge up my solar just fine.

Welp I’m here. 14 day max stay. Haven’t gone through Yosemite yet. A little Snow and bitter cold (like 12 degrees) moving in late tomorrow. Not sure what I am going to do yet tomorrow….

Stick it out? Move 2 hours south to above freezing temps???

Stay tuned….. More Later.

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