Dry Camping @ Mississippi Welcome Center, I-10, Jackson, Mississippi.

Alrighty. Thought I’d switch it up on you! This is a great quick and easy overnight stop when you are on the move traveling to a destination.

Was on the move today. Spent a month in Central Florida at various primitive campgrounds managed by the SW FL Water Management District. Had two things to accomplish….spend time with my mom at her nursing home in Largo, FL and get my solar straightened out (WAS NOT INSTALLED BY OGI !!). Was successful with both. Solar took longer than I thought, which I’m not surprised about….but it was worth the wait. Had to rewire my panels, as they were coming in too hot (power, not temperature), swapped out my inverter (old one got fried due to the panel issue) and upgraded my battery. Battery is effectively almost double the power of my old one (pushing 10 kwh). So I’m happy with that.

Anyway, I drove almost 9 hours and 563 miles to my spot here at the Mississippi welcome center, west bound on I-10. I normally would not take the time to review a rest area, but this one is a little different. I found it on the RVParky app. Its only listed as a dump station spot on other apps., so it’s a little harder to find. Also this area at the welcome center is far away from the car and truck parking area and seems to be meant specifically for RVs. There’s picnic pavilions as well lined up around back where RVs can park too. Signs just say no parking on the grass. No signs saying overnight parking not allowed. So that’s pretty cool. I’m the only RV back here and it’s 8pm. I saw other RVs parked next to noisy, idling Semi trucks….so I’m guessing they don’t know about this area. Pretty quiet back here (other then I-10) and no traffic. There’s a hiking trail here as well. Trash cans scattered all over, dump station and fresh water. Welcome center has vending machines and restrooms. Security guard was patrolling the area. Plenty of wide open grassy areas for fido to run around. 35 TV stations coming in on the OTA and VZW data is clocking in at almost 30 mbps down/1.3 up.

So great spot if your passing through. I’d definitely stop here again. It’s a diamond in the rough!

On the road tomorrow again. Will be up at the crack of dawn. Ultimate Destination is AZ.

More later.

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