Dry Camping @ Apgar Primitive Campground, Apgar Village, Glacier National Park. #RVLIFESTYLE

Alrighty! No emergencies today! So check that box! Left wally world parking lot and headed north on RT. 93 that runs along Flat Head Lake (last pics are of the Lake and MEAT from a local meat shop on the lake). Stopped for the lake view and wild horse island and for a zoom call meeting online and did some other work etc. Beautiful views. RT. 93 is some road!! Wish I could follow it into Canada after here….but boarders are still closed due to Covid. Made it to Kalispell and explored there a bit. Cool town. Then headed to west glacier. Just pulled in Apgar Primitive Campground at the south end of Lake McDonald (largest lake in Glacier…10 miles long) and just off Going to the Sun Road. This is the only campground open in Glacier right now (mid April). Most everything is closed around the park too. It was like a ghost town driving in. All loops are closed except this loop…..loop B. A and C open Friday and B will be closed. Loop is heavily wooded… but I did find a spot with a little sun for my panels! Doesn’t matter…. my batteries are 100% full anyway and will charge quickly tomorrow when I explore the park. Most spots are pull through and have plenty of room…..mine was a little tight and would have picked another but I wanted to stay closer to the main road and decent internet….the more you go in….it drops to talk and text and spotty 3G. Here VZW and AT&T are fine with a solid 2 bars. No TV on the OTA and wasn’t expected… Most spots look level with a few not so much. All spots have a picnic table and fire ring. Bathrooms are in a central location, but water is still off. Vault toilets available. Will explore much more tomorrow. Hardly anyone here….maybe 15 others? Guess it’s too cold for most. Although it was 57 today, but calling for 22 tonight. Guess I’m in Bear 🐻 country now! Only 10 bucks per night.

More Later…….

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