Dry Camping @ Belle Fourche River Campground, Devils Tower, Black Hills, Wyoming. #RVLIFESTYLE

Alrighty. Drove about 1.5 hours NW from my last spot at Gold Run Park parking lot in Lead, SD to my spot here….at Devils Tower, WY. Beautiful drive through the SD and WY Black Hills. Was quite hazy from wildfires 🔥 as well as just a plain ole cloudy day. Noticeably cooler as I’m at around 4,000 ft amsl. My lungs feel it a little too….lol. Will take a few days to get used to it again. Have to remind myself to drink more water too as it is much less humid.

Anyway, this is a cool little state run campground, and the only one inside the Monument boundaries. It’s called Belle Fourche River Campground. 50 sites. 2 loops, A and B. Campground host on each loop, and they are very active in the park, checking on things and greeting people. All the sites are pretty big. Pull thru sites, with plenty of space to set up tents, etc. All sites have a picnic table and firepit with grilltop (fire ban is in effect….signs posted that you will be arrested if you start a fire!) There are dumpsters and vault toilets spread throughout. Lots of nice shade trees, but unfortunately they block your views of the tower as well….and almost totally at some sites….but I’m sure it can get super hot 🔥some days….so I guess that’s the trade off. Sites are spread out pretty well, but not a lot of privacy. Generators are allowed 8am to 8pm. There are freshwater hand pump wells here too. Cost is 20 bucks, plus park entrance fee. Park is about half full and it’s first come first served….but don’t worry if filled up….plenty of campgrounds outside the park to take your money!….so you won’t be stranded. No OTA TV. VZW internet struggled during the day with heavy use clogging up bandwidth. Day was 2 mbps down/ 1 up. Nightime/early morning… 9 mbps down/ 3 up. AT&T Consistently slow and pretty much useless. Voice calling was ok.

Not much else to do in the area, so this will be a one and done for me and likely most people that visit…..but I think seeing the Devils Tower is bucket list worthy….and this camp makes it a pleasure to help make it happen!

More Later……

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