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Thank you for taking the time to look at Off Grid Innovations. We will start off our story by taking a look into what sets us apart from the other Mobile Battery Storage and Solar Energy Service Installers and Product Manufacturers and why this difference is important to you.

The OGI founder and leadership team is made up of the top talent from multiple industries. This includes the Battery Storage Industry, the largest inverter manufacturer, and largest Luxury RV converters and manufacturers. The entire leadership team is proud of their accomplishments within their given industry, but it became difficult to make strategically agile moves while steering such large ships. It became clear to everyone that we needed to do something different.

In 2019, we came together with one rule. The rule was that we would not define our business purpose until we spent at least a year understanding the need of the market. So in 2019 we had a blank canvas, which we used to understand the need of the market. The OGI company culture is about protecting the Solar, Battery Storage, & EV channel by creating a personal connection with our customers, employees, and dealers. Our business model of being transparent and doing the right thing whether or not it serves our bottom line, has led to tremendous growth over the last 2 years.

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LONG TERM VALUE  All the products and services we provide are qualified, tested, and insured to provide long-term value to the end customers, “quality over quantity.”

CUSTOMER FOCUS  Our focus, from the very first day we opened our doors, is all about ensuring the RV and Bus industry doesn’t die with the death of Gas and Oil. 

EXPERIENCED WORKFORCE  Our local workforce has been hand-picked and has an excellent reputation for second-to-none industry craftsmanship.

CLASS-LEADING WARRANTY  We back every one of our products with a minimum of a 3-year limited warranty.

RAISING THE QUALITY BAR  We put every OGI product offered through multiple inspections during the delivery or manufacturing process. Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive “final finish” inspection. 

1st CLASS SERVICE – Any and all products that have to withstand the constant travel and vibration are bound to have an issue at one point. The reason we can boast about our 1st CLASS SERVICE is because we take care of our customers. Don’t believe us, then visit the independent OGI Owners page (OGI Product Owners) on Facebook and see for yourself. We take care of our customers after the sale. An informed customer will always be an OGI customer!

THE PURPOSE of OGI – continue to provide innovative solutions to help the RV and the Charter/ Tour BUS industry transform their product to keep up with the electrification standards being implemented into law very soon.  The larger opportunity OGI has developed is using the RV and Bus Industry to transform the way Energy is purchased, sold, and transferred. We strive for nothing less than customers for life and we would be honored to personally welcome you to the OGI Family!

The OGI Leadership Team

Terry J Warren II​

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Claudio

Chief Revenue Officer

Ravi Teja

Chief Operating Officer

Elia Miller

Executive Assistant

Wendy Hurley

Director of Sales

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