Boondocking@ Lake Creek Road Dispersed Camping, Sawtooth National Forest, Ketchum, Idaho.  #RVLIFESTYLE

Alrighty. Wasn’t feeling my last spot for an extended stay at Rose Park, just south of Idaho Falls. Fine for an overnight if passing through…. so I decided to hit the road. Glad I did. Drove almost 3 hours northwest until I ended up here, Lake Creek Road Dispersed camping in the Sawtooth National Forest. Just wow is all I have to say….. and it not often I’m at a loss for words. I’m wedged pretty deep into a shallow valley surrounded by mountains. It’s absolutely gorgeous. There is even a little babbling creek about 100 ft away, that I’m sure with a filter, you could get drinking water. I’m half expecting a heard of elk (maybe some moose??? Lol) to come running down the side of the mountain any minute. Whats great is that this place seems so very remote….and it is….but Ketchum/Sun Valley is only about 10 miles away. There is absolutely nobody here that I saw. Access was pretty easy. Turned off Hwy 75, onto Lake Creek Road, navigated through a high-end neighborhood, until it turns into a gravel road with some major washboard issues. You’ll soon see a sign for 3 day limit camping with pullouts and rock fire 🔥 rings just off the Road. Nice and spread out. You’d think I’d stop and set up there right? Nah….I keep going, washboard road and all. Drove another 15 minutes or so at a blistering 5 mph until a sign appeared that said 16 day limit! Lots of pullouts….but of course I kept going till the road started getting sketchy and had to turn around. I took the first spot going back. So I’m about 5 to 7 miles or so off 75 (I think). My spot is flat and I have a fire ring too. No other services obviously. No OTA HDTV TV coming in…… but here is the kicker…..internet in blazing fast! VZW is 154 mbps down/12 up. AT&T is very good too….55mbps down/3 up. Thinking maybe the people in the nearby swanky neighborhood greased a few palms to make that happen. I’ll take it!

Anyway. Beautiful ride in here. Drove through Arco (hint get your gas there or anywhere else b4 getting in this area where it’s 3.99 gallon…. .50 cents cheaper elsewhere) and the spectacular lava fields at Craters on the Moon. Lots of cool little ski towns on 75, nice $$$ houses, saw a few nice private jets at the airport…..heard lots of celebrities have places around here (Oprah, Tom Hanks…. Ernest Hemingway had a place here….etc).

Highly highly recommend stay! Not the easiest to get to, but even big rigs can get in here. Going to be tuff to top this one, so I’ll stay as long as I can hold out here…..which will be at least till Tuesday.

More later…..

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