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OGI’s approach to Solar Only or Solar + Storage PPAs address two pain points for most developers and contractors: small projects, and unrated off-takers. The OGI C&I channel partner program allows solar developers to expedite PPA projects with a level of certainty and predictability. With the ability to price and underwrite projects in only a few hours instead of weeks, the OGI C&I channel partner program allows for developers to identify price per watt that they will be paid at dependent upon the $/kWh. This allows Developers / EPCs to create a business model that is similar to EPC/ Developers that use Residential PPA products. 

OGI will provide pricing for Solar PPAs, Solar and Battery Storage PPAs, Solar, Battery Storage, and charging stations PPAs. For all types of Offtakers, such as non-profits, small businesses, and Sole Props. 

The OGI team delivers an efficient and reliable solution through multi-skilled team members, spanning multiple industries. OGI offers a turnkey Solar + EV Charging PPA financing/takeout structure for commercial and industrial (C&I) PV and energy storage projects. This allows its EPC and development partners to complete portions of projects they are experts in, while OGI executes the rest.






PPA financing has always been a headache for developers. It’s difficult because of the funding requirements imposed by large funds. To this day, there is very few financing options with investors focused on residential & utility scale solar. OGI never complains about a problem without bringing a solution, OGI has multiple financing solutions for small commercial & non-profit projects. The PPA financing solution works for rated & unrated customers.

OGI’s Channel Partner team will provide Real-time indicative pricing. Along with our all online innovative AI underwriting process platform, developers are able to receive indicative pricing and close on a deal in 14 days.




Funding options FOR DEVELOPERS



  1. SOLAR PPA’S: OGI’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows off takers to avoid the upfront cost of  engineering, procurement and construction. While also providing developers the ability to propose a solar solution to  their customers with confidence.
  2. SALE LEASEBACK: In addition to project acquisition, OGI will provide developers an ownership option. OGI will provide the developer with indicative pricing from our Bank Partners for a Sale Leasebacks ownership structure for any commercial projects over 2M in total cost.  
  3. TAX EQUITY BRIDGE LOAN: We can provide developers with a Tax Equity Bridge Loan. The bridge loan is sized up to 70% of the assumed total tax credit amount. The process is very simple, you will need to provide all the needed documents listed in our TE bridge loan portal and OGI will provide the terms of the bridge loan within 24-48 hours.
  4. TAX EQUITY TRANSFER: The tax equity market has been a challenging place for distributed generation projects. With OGI, there is no longer a need for portfolio bundling of projects and going through the headache of traditional tax equity partnership structuring. OGI connects you with vetted buyers who understand the risks and opportunities of purchasing clean energy tax credits.

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