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No, we do not tamper with the RVs Roof.  We only connect to the interior of the charge port with a splitter.  If any issue arises we have a 10 year service and maintenance support service. 

We know our product is not for every RV owner out there; Especially the boring ones.  Our kits are for a multitude of drivers including Owners that never move their RV, Investors that use their RV once a Year, and Daily commuters who don’t want the hassle of going to chargers, drivers who want to use 100% renewable energy, drivers who take their RV outside of densely populated areas, and drivers who adventure and don’t want to be held back by having to plan ahead, charging infrastructure, or limited battery capacity. 

While charging stations are increasing in number, they are far outpaced by the amount of customers switching from a generator to an all electric powered RV (besides the actual engine).  Superchargers continue to have longer wait times, higher prices, and will soon be accessible to all RVs, not just EVs.  Our kit’s do not become invalid with more charging stations, our product allows you to do so much more with your RV than a stagnant station.  

Yes, we have multiple financing partners that can offer monthly payments over a 5 year, 10 year, 20 year, and 25 year term. Also we can look at financing the entire purchase of the RV and Installation of the battery pack and solar panels.   

We do not foresee using in-house engineering until we have started to build our RV-EV.  This is our highest cost and we don’t experience any disadvantages with our current contracted system. Plus it provides additional support to our customers when they need technical support. 

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