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Commercial Solar Development

Commercial Solar Financing

Solar PPA Agreements

                    Commercial Solar Development

OGI Solar designs and develops rooftop and ground-mount solar projects for commercial/industrial, utility customers.

  • Feasibility Study and Site assessment
  • Design of performance-optimized system
  •  Interconnection
  • Electrical and structural engineering
  • Permitting

                           Commercial Solar Financing

Access to low-cost capital is critical for long-term financial success for any solar or storage project, . Our project financing team delivers superior expertise and capabilities across the capital spectrum for commercial scale solar projects.

  • Tax Equity
  • Construction loan
  • Project loan
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               Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar PPA is often the easiest and quickest way to move toward sustainability commitments or energy cost-saving measures due to lower legal or financial obstacles.

OGI offers various PPA models that can be customized to your needs 

  • Eliminate energy price volatility by fixing your electricity price for 15-30 years.
  • Develop new, clean energy projects in your name with no capital commitment.

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