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OGI Services & Solutions

C&I Developer Services

Rev up your green energy aspirations with OGI! We’re your one-stop powerhouse for turnkey development and engineering services, bringing renewable energy dreams to life across the USA. Our global team, armed with cutting-edge software prowess, is on a mission to turbocharge your project portfolio. Let’s accelerate towards a greener, brighter future together!

Switch the Generator for Clean Energy

Interested in Installing Solar Power & Battery Storage System in your RV, Travel Trailer, Mobile Home, Boat, Yacht, or Airplane? Anything mobile we can install a system to meet your needs. 

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Electrification Consulting

At OGI, we’re not just consultants; we’re partners in pioneering sustainable futures for Real Estate Developers. Imagine unlocking the full potential of your projects through strategic renewable energy integration. Let’s collaborate to shape environmentally conscious developments that don’t just build structures but also build a better, cleaner tomorrow for generations to come.

Electrification Consulting

We help businesses that have assets (that the business depends on) dependent upon gas powered vehicles. After a free consultation call, we put together a strategical plan to electrify their business, add new revenue channels all while keeping their bank account growing.

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Procurement Services

Lower your total project costs with our Procurement prowess! We’re your partners in navigating the dynamic realms of the solar supply chain. Let’s team up to unlock new opportunities and amplify your presence in the ever-evolving energy landscape!

Go to Market Consulting

Providing consulting and partnering services to help businesses enter into the residential solar sales equipment, battery storage channel, and the digital energy product websites. OGI’s Go2Market skills range from getting the product into distribution centers and Installer Channels to placing the product in big box retail stores and popular software proposal tools.

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Project Funding Solutions

Welcome to OGI, where your solar dreams take flight! We’re not just a renewable energy development firm; we’re your financial launchpad. Picture this: your solar projects soaring to new heights with our tailored funding solutions. Let’s turn your green visions into a shining reality together – because sustainable success begins with the right support!

Go to Market Consulting

OGI is todays trust busters. We have a solution that involves an energy transfer service, patented technology, and customers (to use they are passionate partners of OGI). This equals a deadly combination, which is ready to eliminate the utility companies monopolized hold over the energy industry. If you’re an IPP that has more energy than the grid can handle or selling energy for a cost per kWh that’s at or lower than $0.03/unit please reach out as we can help each other!  We use multiple energy storage technologies to transfer the energy from a generating (or charging) location and then transfer it via semi truck or trailer to the buyer location that we have set up a contract to sell this power at a higher rate. then we will discharge the power and repeat the process. 

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Solar Power for any Vehicle - RV - Boat - Trailer

Solar Power for any Business

Unlock the untapped potential of your rooftop or parking lot with us! Instead of it lying idle, let’s turn it into a money-making powerhouse with solar installations. Earn lease payments hassle-free for two decades, boosting your revenue without any obligation to purchase the electricity generated. Picture solar carports providing shade for your customers or tenants over the parking lot, giving you extra income and preserving valuable space. Your overlooked spaces could generate up to $50,000 per month for every 50,000 sq. ft., offering financial flexibility for bigger real estate loans. Alternatively, slash your electricity bill by up to 20% with solar power – no upfront costs, just immediate savings. We handle everything; you enjoy steady, predictable electricity costs. As commercial rooftop and carport experts, trusted by the largest developers in the US, we’ve worked on over 200 MW of solar projects. Let’s transform your spaces into lucrative, sustainable assets together!”

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We Also Install Off-Grid Solar on Your RVs and Campers


Go Anywhere Freedom

Go Anywhere Freedom

Imagine the freedom to adventure off-grid to new remote destinations without hassle or worry about energy sources. Instead you’ll have the peace of mind that only solar’s renewable + safe power source provides. Stuck in a parking lot or stranded with an emergency? Solar is there. Never again will you have to fear running of your power source running dry. Solar actually extends your battery by 50%! Even more, solar frees you from the rigid confines of state parks whose use of generators is limited to a small window of time daily. And let’s face it, generators are great…but NOISY. Kiss that noise goodbye forever by upgrading to solar.

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Cost Savings 5

Understanding Your RV Energy Usage

Understanding Your RV Energy Usage

No client is the same and that’s why we want to understand your operational patterns to provide the best solution. Conducting a Energy Usage Profile to determine every electrical usage amount from each individual product, appliance, etc. .

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Less Noise 5

Less Noise

Less Noise

With the generator being completely out of the picture. You will never have to worry about waking up everyone in the park or servicing the generator again. 

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Fewer Emissions 5

Fewer Emissions

Fewer Emissions

No more carbon into the atmosphere 

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Are you ready for a luxurious Boondocking Experience?

Contact OGI Solar and learn more about our RV Off-Grid Solar Power Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions for C&I Solar

What does the term C&I solar signify?

C&I solar, short for commercial and industrial solar, involves harnessing solar energy to power commercial and industrial facilities like office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial complexes. This burgeoning sector within the solar industry is driven by businesses and organizations aiming to cut both carbon footprints and energy expenses. Beyond delivering cost savings, C&I solar enhances a company’s sustainability image and aids in achieving environmental goals. Installations are adaptable to a facility’s energy requirements, with options for incorporating energy storage systems to boost energy independence and resilience.

What advantages does C&I solar offer?

Installing solar panels in commercial and industrial settings, known as C&I solar, brings numerous benefits. Primary among them is significant cost savings on energy bills. By generating their power, C&I buildings reduce reliance on the grid, resulting in lower utility bills—especially beneficial in areas with variable grid power prices or reliability.

Moreover, C&I solar contributes to environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions. Solar energy, being clean and renewable, generates electricity without emissions. It also alleviates strain on the power grid, enhancing community resilience by decentralizing energy production.

Additionally, property owners can lease their rooftops for C&I solar, increasing their revenue. As consumer environmental consciousness grows, businesses embracing clean energy strategies see positive impacts on tenant occupancy rates, boosting property value and financial benefits.

Can a C&I solar installation power a facility entirely?

The viability of a C&I solar installation powering a facility depends on factors like facility size, available roof space, and energy requirements. Smaller facilities with lower energy consumption may rely solely on solar, while larger ones might supplement with other power sources. Roof size relative to used space is crucial, and multi-story buildings might need carport installations for sufficient energy production.

Solar energy’s efficiency during daylight hours and potential limitations during low sunlight or nighttime should be considered. Well-designed installations, possibly incorporating battery storage, can significantly meet a facility’s energy needs, reducing grid dependence and costs. Consulting with solar experts is recommended to tailor solutions to a facility’s specific energy requirements and location.

Can a C&I solar installation work with other energy sources?

C&I solar installations can integrate with other sources like grid-tied systems for a reliable power supply. Grid-tied systems connect to the grid, allowing excess solar power to be sent back during low sunlight periods. Battery storage systems are another option, storing excess solar energy for use during low sunlight or at night, enhancing reliability and reducing grid dependence.

Combining solar with other renewables like wind or hydropower diversifies the energy mix, increasing security. The specific combination depends on a facility’s needs and location.

What is the cost of a C&I solar installation?

The cost of a C&I solar installation varies based on factors like size, location, solar panel type, and project complexity. In 2023, the average cost per watt is between $1.8 and $2.9. For instance, a 100 kW installation may cost between $180,000 and $300,000. Financial incentives and tax credits, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, can significantly reduce costs. Location-specific tax incentives play a role, making the rooftop-rental model, as seen in programs like King Energy, an attractive option, eliminating the need for a loan.


How long does it take to recover the investment in a C&I solar installation?

The payback period for a C&I solar installation, or the time to recoup costs through energy savings, averages 5-7 years. The duration varies based on factors like system size, electricity costs, and available financial incentives. The Inflation Reduction Act, allowing a 30% federal tax deduction, can shorten the payback period significantly.

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