Energy Arbitration Projects Using Freight Weight Mobile Storage

Energy Arbitration is the Future

Energy Arbitration is the only realistic path way to take on the utilities. Currently the major Utility company’s have the power to control the deployment speed of the renewable generating energy assets. OGI’s goal in developing the Freight Weight Mobile Storage Platform and Project Development Structure is to take back that power from the Utility Company (figuratively and literally). 





Why is Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Nuclear Plants, and other energy generation assets unable to solve the climate crisis? It’s a Band-aid for the time being. The utility company has 2 main revenue generating divisions that make up their business model:

1. The aforementioned solution’s make up one division of the utility company called energy generating assets.

2. The second division is the Distribution and Transmission part of the company.

If the utility had the best interest of the people or even their customer, then everything would be fine. However, Utility Company’s only concern is their bottom line, not their customer’s (who keeps these people in business). As long as this is the way the utility’s operate then we have to provide an alternative solution to the 2nd part of their company or else we will continue to see renewable energy policy being controlled by the utility’s, which means net metering claw backs, new technology restricted from entering the market and more delays on the deployment speed of renewable energy.


OGI developed the Freight Weight Mobile Storage Platform to increase the applications and technologies being used to transfer power from one location to another location independent of the grid. The platform’s beta version is only for renewable energy developers, but as we are able to identify the reliable transfer technology’s and proper connection ports for all different types of technologies, we look to provide the web app for all types of individuals, energy consultants, and more. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the beta version, which is set to launch by 11/01/2022, then simply fill the form below to our application process.

The the platform is based on two ideas:

1st is to provide power to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any capacity / amount needed.

2nd is to help bridge the gap between off grid generation and usage and on-grid generation and usage.


Currently we are testing our first PILOT project and need help from the renewable energy community for the following:

– We are looking for company or individuals that own generating assets, that we could potentially purchase an 1,000 kWh’s/ day from. If you have solar farm that needs more off-takers or maybe the utility is curtailing your usage, please sign up!

– We are looking for a few unique scenarios, but the idea is any one that is currently in the market to purchase energy over a 3-10 year period, Off-Grid or On-Grid.

*** This includes anyone that cannot afford to pay for solar or other technology that generates energy***

*** We also need company’s or developer’s that already have an interconnected energy storage or energy generating asset agreement with the utility. That allows them the ability to sell power wholesale or at a determined PPA rate.***

This pilot projects is to develop a commercially financeable solution In order to allow for the true transfer of wealth that has yet to be seen in the energy industry. We want to simply move power from one location to another without using utility lines.

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Energy Arbitrage - Wholesale Energy Purchase Information

OGI is signing consumers interested in purchasing renewable energy without having to go solar. For example, this includes large developments, Corporations, or Anyone that uses a lot of energy. We provide you the option to buy clean energy at a lower cost than the utility or any other renewable energy option.

Have a long interconnection timeline before your development, business, EV charge station can come online? Then fill out the form below, and we can guarantee you a lower cost than you currently pay, or would pay. In addition, we can lock that rate in for 10-25 years.

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Energy Arbitrage - Selling your Energy

OGI is looking for company's or individual's that own generating assets, that we could potentially purchase an 1,000 kWh's/ day from. If you have solar farm that needs more off-takers or maybe the utility is curtailing your usage, please sign up!

Have additional Energy from your energy generating assets left over? Then sell it to OGI!

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Energy Arbitrage - Power Producer Information

The second type of partner we are signing up is on the production side. For example, this includes large generators, IPP's, and other energy asset owners to purchase power from their solar farms, wind turbine facilities, or a hydrogen turbine generation plants.

If you are overproducing energy or if the utility is curtailing the amount of energy you can produce, then fill out this form. We will buy the power from you at a higher price than you are currently being paid, without having to go through any red tape. Our technical team will determine the best location to interconnect into the generating asset.

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