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Energy revolution is a paradigm shift towards sustainable, cost-effective, and decentralized energy solutions. Distributed energy systems offer greater independence from centralized grids. This  provides resilience during power outages and also allows for better management of energy resources, enhancing flexibility and control.

OGI is a commercial development company enabling its customers to make smart investments in energy. We develop, build, and manages cutting-edge commercial solar energy and energy storage projects that help lower costs and provide greater energy autonomy, flexibility, and control to our customers.

Vision & Mission


Build the world’s finest renewable energy generation systems accessible to all.


Construct renewable energy systems using world class technology at affordable costs and revolutionize energy generation and control by developing, financing, and servicing renewable energy projects across the world.

Core Values

Customer First

We put our customers at the forefront, prioritizing their needs, delivering exceptional service, tailored solutions.


At OGI quality is above everything else. We ensure our projects and services are the best.


The OGI Leadership Team

Terry J Warren II​

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Claudio

Chief Revenue Officer

Ravi Teja

Chief Operating Officer

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