3 Amp, 600VAC, Time Delay Fuse


3 Amp, 600VAC, Industrial & Electrical Fuses Time Delay Fuse

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3 Amp, 600VAC, Industrial & Electrical Fuses Time Delay Fuse
CCMR Series dual element, time delay fuses are recommend for space-saving protection of motor circuits up to 40 HP (download motor protection guide). Only true dual-element time-delay CC fuses specifically engineered for motor branch circuit protection. Provide Type II protection (no damage) to both NEMA-rated and the more sensitive IEC (International Electromechanical Commission) type motor circuit components. Available in larger sizes — from 35 to 60 amperes! No other 600V fuse is available with this current carrying capacity in a package this small. Compared to other UL Listed fuses, Class CC dual element fuses are the most current limiting, rating for rating. Provide superior protection in a fraction of the space required by other fuse classes. — For example, when 600V three-pole, 30 A Class R fuse blocks are replaced by Littelfuse Class CC fuse blocks, panel-mounting space is reduced approximately 70%.
Also known as: 079458968217, CCMR003.TXP

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Dimensions 5 × 8 × 10 in


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