ChemLink M-1 F1270 Tan Adhesive & Sealant


Chemlink, M-1 Structural Adhesive, 10.1oz tubes, Tan, Single Tube, F1270 tan

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Chemlink, M-1 Structural Adhesive, 10.1oz tubes, Tan, Case of 24, F1270 tan

M-1 is a moisture-cure, multi-purpose structural adhesive/sealant that can be used to bind and seal a variety of building materials. M-1 adapts to most roofing materials, masonry, wood, glass, aluminum, and foam, forming a tough, elastic waterproof seal. Most building surfaces, such as metal flashing, copings, skylights, and HVAC surfaces, react well to M-1.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 11 in


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