Concorde SunXtender PVX-4050HT 405Ah 6V AGM Battery


Concorde, Sealed AGM Battery, 6V, 405Ah @ 24hr, PVX-4050HT

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Concorde, Sealed AGM Battery, 6V, 405Ah @ 24hr, PVX-4050HT

The Sun Xtender Sealed AGM Battery (PVX-4050HT) from Concorde Battery is a valve-operated lead-acid battery with AGM construction (VRLA-AGM). The battery can be used upright, on its end, or on its side due to its non-spillable construction, and the maintenance-free AGM nature eliminates the need for water replenishment.

The plates are thicker than the industry norm, using pure lead calcium grids, for longer cycle life, improved durability, and strength. The low impedance AGM architecture allows for excellent charge acceptance, and regulated voltage charging does not require a current cap.

The PolyGuard Microporous Polyethylene Separators in the Sun Xtender product line protect the positive plates from shorting, shock, and vibration. This dual-layer insulation with its effective safety feature is not available from any other manufacturer.

The Sun Xtender battery covers and containers are made of high-impact, reinforced copolymer polypropylene and have thick end walls to prevent bulging. The corrosion-resistant copper alloy T Terminals come with silicon bronze bolts and washers. All SunXtender Batteries are Hazmat Exempt when shipped.

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 11.64 × 6.95 × 15.73 in


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