IronRidge Aire AE-CLIP-01-B1 Black Clip


IronRidge, Aire Clip (120 Aire Clips Per Bag), AE-CLIP-01-B1

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IronRidge, Aire Clip (120 Aire Clips Per Bag), AE-CLIP-01-B1

The Aire™ racking system has been carefully crafted to streamline every part of the installation process, taking out all of the tiresome hassles—so that you get off the roof and on to your next project faster than ever. Aire™ retains the strength and reliability that IronRidge installers have come to depend on. Whether you’re a seasoned installer with years under your belt or just getting started in solar, breathe easy with open Aire™.

Keeps wiring contained in open Aire™ Rail channels.

• No module interference

• Simple press-in design

• Slot for easy removal

Weight 0.00425 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 7 × 10.5 in



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