IronRidge BX BX-5D-P1 5° Chassis


IronRidge, BX 5° Chassis, BX-5D-P1

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IronRidge, BX 5° Chassis, BX-5D-P1

The IronRidge BX System is designed to meet the needs of commercial solar, including managing complex roof layouts and handling the harshest weather conditions.

The Chassis, a ballasted mount made of BASF Ultramid, is at the heart of the BX system. The mechanical strength, rigidity, and thermal stability of ultramid polyamides are exceptional.

  • Ultramid polyamides also have excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures, as well as UV protection for long life. IronRidge’s 25-year warranty covers chassis in both 5° and 10° configurations.
  • Top & Bottom Clamp (not included) – Regardless of force direction, the multi-directional grip on the module from above and below ensures a tight relation.
  • Roof-Friendly Design – The broad base distributes weight and reduces point pressure, while the bottom and corner openings avoid ballast pooling and reduce weathering.
  • 360° Reinforcement – A flange across the entire perimeter, along with deep bends to minimize point loading and braced corners to increase rigidity, helps to strengthen and stiffen the Chassis in all directions.


  • Inter-Row Spacing & Edge Clearances – As compared to other ballasted systems, BX offers an 8-10 percent boost in power density, which translates to a performance increase of 20% in a standard 50kW system. The BX Chassis geometry also allows the device to avoid drain domes, roof saddles, and conduit supports by providing more than 5” of clearance in the 10-degree configuration and 8” in the 5-degree configuration.
  • Flat Roof Attachment Anchors – BX Systems are available in three configurations: completely ballasted, fully anchored, or a combination that is best for the site. When you combine BX with an IronRidge Flat Roof Attachment Kit, you can save hundreds of pounds on ballast weight and achieve configurations as low as 3 PSF. Pre-approved membranes are available to preserve membrane roof warranties, and the positioning and fastening method can be tailored for existing roof structures.
  • Testing & Certification – Design Assistant: Automated design software creates an accurate bill of materials by generating a full system plan using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It also creates a ballast map that shows the appropriate ballast for each Chassis. Permit Documentation: Design Assistant project reports provide an ASCE/PE stamp, and Commercial Services can help with more complicated projects. Contact an IronRidge sales representative or visit our website. UL 2703 (Underwriters Laboratories): The BX System has been certified to meet the most recent specifications, which include 1) mechanical, 2) bonding, and 3) Class A fire ratings (without wind deflectors). Solar modules are completely supported in 90% of cases.
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 7 in



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