IronRidge FX Rail-Less FX-MOUNT-35MM-B 35mm Black Rail-Less Mount


IronRidge, FX, Rail-Less Mount 35mm, Black, Qty 1, FX-MOUNT-35MM-B

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IronRidge, FX, Rail-Less Mount 35mm, Black, Qty 1, FX-MOUNT-35MM-B

Mount FX is the only mount on the market that is specifically designed to grip and protect PV modules. The Mount FX assembly’s base facilitates 360-degree articulation. This allows for more flexibility in the north-south direction while still avoiding conflicts with the Bridge FX. A built-in wire management trough and integrated bonding features ensure a fully bonded solution and a smooth, fast installation. Mount FX is often focused on the wire management trough towards the north end of an array for the first row of an array.

IronRidge FX completely removes all rails and clamps from the mounting system, revolutionizing solar installation. Mounts and Bridges are used by FX to support and connect solar modules into a single, interconnected array.

Just one tool is needed for the entire installation, and the majority of the steps are tool-free.


  • Rail & Clamp Free – GripFit Technology helps you to easily mount modules. At any time, adjust to roof undulation and resolve other leveling issues.
  • Installation & Safety – From lag to lug, use the same socket size on all parts. The entire device and its components comply with the most recent UL 2703 specification. Most states have pre-stamped engineering letters available. Competitors’ security is just half that of ours.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 12 × 11 in



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