IronRidge UFO UFO-STP-46MM-B1 Black Stopper Sleeve


IronRidge, Stopper Sleeve, 46mm, Black, Qty. 1, UFO-STP-46MM-B1

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IronRidge, Stopper Sleeve, 46mm, Black, Qty. 1, UFO-STP-46MM-B1

The IronRidge Stopper Sleeve attaches to the IronRidge UFO and converts it to an end clamp. It’s available in clear and black colors, as well as six different sizes to suit a variety of module frames.


  • Safety – All components were checked for structural integrity. Separate module grounding components are eliminated with the UL 2703 system.
  • Efficiency – In most states, pre-stamped engineering letters are eligible. It’s easy to develop, share, and price projects using online apps.
  • User Friendly – It’s light and works with industry-standard attachments.
Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in



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