Magnum ME-300F 300A Fuse Block Assembly


Magnum, 300A Fuse Block Assembly, 48VDC, Class T, ME-300F

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Magnum, 300A Fuse Block Assembly, 48VDC, Class T, ME-300F

Over-current protection is provided by Magnum Energy Fuse Block assemblies, which are code-compliant. Short circuits and overloads can harm the battery bank, inverter, and cables, so they’re used to secure them. Each Fuse Block Assembly contains a fast-acting, current-limiting fuse cartridge that provides immediate safety in the event of a short circuit while also allowing for momentary current surges that are typical in inverter applications. Durability, ease of installation, and good looks are all supported in a lightweight, cost-effective package by a durable injection-molded polycarbonate base and thermoformed ABS cover.

The ANL type fuse is used in the 125 and 200 amp models, while the Class-T fuses are used in the 300 and 400 amp models. Magnum fuse blocks are suitable for applications where high-current components, such as inverters and chargers, need over-current safety.


  • Safety – Over-current protection that complies with the code.
  • Efficiency – Fuse cartridge with a fast-acting current-limiting feature.
  • User Friendly – Compact design.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in



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