Magnum ME-MW-E Ethernet Monitoring Kit


Magnum, MagWeb Web Based Ethernet Monitoring Kit, ME-MW-E

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Magnum, MagWeb Web Based Ethernet Monitoring Kit, ME-MW-E

Magnum Energy’s MagWeb – Ethernet (ME-MW-E) is a versatile and affordable platform for remotely controlling inverters and accessories. The MagWeb is a live internet monitoring system for the inverter, battery monitor, and automatic generator start module that is mounted on the Magnum network. The MagWeb connects to your “always-on” internet link via an Ethernet connection to provide you with live and historical conditions.

The MagWeb sends data to your personal web pages on a regular basis, including information on Current Conditions, Current Settings, and Daily Summaries for historical records. Magnum Accessories connected to the inverter can also be tracked using the MagWeb.

Weight 1.52 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 9.75 × 7 in



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