Magnum ME-RC ME-RC50 Remote Panel


Magnum, Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50′ Cable, Flush Mount, ME-RC50-L

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Magnum, Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50′ Cable, Flush Mount, ME-RC50

The ME-RC Remote Control attaches to the inverter and allows you to control and track your inverter and charger from afar. The inverter/charger status is shown with the “at a glance” LEDs on this remote control, which has an easy-to-read LCD screen. A rotary encoder knob helps you to scroll through and quickly customize the adjustable settings in the inverter (or any connected accessory) and retain the essential settings in nonvolatile memory using soft keys.

A network connection to the inverter allows the ME-RC to control the ME-AGS Automatic Gen Start and the ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit (requires revision 2.0 or higher remote). The new one-knob programming is made possible by the remote’s fingertip function.


  • Safety – Adjustable settings to keep nonvolatile memory settings.
  • Efficiency – Easy-to-read LCD screen with “at a glance” LED that shows inverter/charger status.
  • User Friendly – Menus and a rotary encoder knob are easily accessible.
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 9.75 × 7 in



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