Maltby Electric ERICO 615800 Ground Rod


Ground Rod 5/8″ X 10′, Qty.1, ERICO 615800, 1429

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Ground Rod 5/8″ X 10′, Qty.1, ERICO 615800

  • 99.9% pure electrolytic copper coating
  • Molecular bond to nickel-sealed high strength steel core
  • Rods have a high carbon steel core and tip that provide superior strength when driving
  • Copper coating will not crack when bent or tear when driven
  • Minimum copper coating of 10 mils on rods listed to UL® 467
  • nVent ERICO name, length, diameter and part number is roll-stamped within 12″ (304,8 mm) of chamfered end
  • UL logo and control number where applicable stamped on each rod for easy inspection after installation

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 0.63 × 0.63 in


Maltby Electric

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