Morningstar ProStar PS-30M 30A PWM Charge Controller


Morningstar, ProStar PWM Charge Controller, Gen 3, 30A, 12/24VDC, with LCD Meter, PS-30M

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Morningstar, ProStar PWM Charge Controller, Gen 3, 30A, 12/24VDC, with LCD Meter, PS-30M

ProStar from Morningstar has been updated. Since 1995, the ProStar has been the world’s leading mid-range PWM solar controller for technical and consumer applications, and this latest third-generation model adds new features and functionality while retaining the same form factor, efficiency, and reliability.

Morningstar’s ProStar PS-15 is the world’s most common mid-range solar charge controller for both commercial and residential use. This second-generation ProStar uses cutting-edge technology to introduce new features and protections, extend battery life and increase device performance, and set new standards for reliability and self-diagnostics.

Morningstar’s ProStar series solar charge controllers are suitable for use in a range of applications including recreation (caravan and boating), residential, rural electrification and solar energy systems, protection and instrumentation, off-grid solar applications, telecommunications, transportation, and traffic. The ProStar modules are covered by a five-year warranty and are CE certified.


  • The Best in its Class – Life expectancy is projected to be 15 years. In compliance with IEC 62109. Battery charging with the PWM series (no shunt). There are eight dip switches to change the charging and other settings of the battery. Change settings and display logged data with a high-resolution graphical meter (M models only). Voltage drops are very mild. Low voltage discontent with current compensation (LVD).
  • Highly Compatible – For serial MODBUS data or to connect a remote meter, use the RJ-11 MeterBus port. Morningstar’s Ethernet MeterBust Converter is compatible (EMC-1). Up to 300 amps can be paralleled. The state of the battery and any faults are indicated by LEDs.
  • Additions & Safety – Data logging for up to 256 days. Advanced programmable lighting control and dusk-to-dawn lighting. Cover for the terminal to protect it. For heavy DC loads, the surge rating has been improved. Self-diagnosis is a term used to describe a person’s ability to Slow switching mode is used in telecom settings to reduce device noise. Temperature-adjusted charging is an option. Tropicalization is a term that refers to the process of In the grounded lug, there is no switching or calculation. There is no liquid in this state. It can survive a 25% overload. Terminals for remote battery sensing.
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