Morningstar SunGuard SG-4 4.5A 12Vdc PWM Charge Controller


Morningstar, SunGuard Charge Controller, 4.5A, 12VDC, SG-4

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Morningstar, SunGuard Charge Controller, 4.5A, 12VDC, SG-4

SunGuard, from Morningstar, is the world’s most common single module controller. Morningstar has created an affordable controller for small PV systems by combining all of the benefits of their SunSaver charging circuit with less costly packaging.

The SunGuard SG-4 from Morningstar is the most advanced lightweight, cost-effective solar charge controller on the market today. Exceptional reliability, PWM battery charging, high-quality consistency, and low cost. Since they are manufactured on the same high-speed, automated production lines, use the same charging circuit, and use the same materials, the SunGuard will match the quality and efficiency of the world-leading SunSaver controllers.


  • Advanced, Small & Economical – Quality assurance systems based on ISO 9002. Design of a sequence (not shunt). There is no liquid in this state. PWM service cycle varies from 0 to 100%. Setpoint precision is within 60 millivolts. Compensation for temperature. It’s rated for a 25% overload. There’s no need to downgrade. The self-consumption present is 6 mA.
  • Protected & Safe – Lightning protection is provided by 1500 W transorbs. Fully encased in epoxy potting. Impact-resistant ABS plastic case Connecting wires made of Hypalon that can withstand the elements.
  • Advantages -As compared to most other On-Off solar regulators on the market, SunGuard’s SG-4 PWM charging delivers 30 % more solar energy into the battery every day. On-Off regulators have a State-of-Charge of 55 % to 60 %, while batteries have a State-of-Charge of 90 % to 95 %.
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Dimensions 3.5 × 4.5 × 2.5 in



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