OutBack Power FireRaptor OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F 70″ Signal Cable


OutBack, IMO FireRaptor, 70″ Signal Cable, Tyco Female Connector, OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F

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OutBack, IMO FireRaptor, 70" Signal Cable, Tyco Female Connector, OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F

The IMO FireRaptor module-level rapid shutdown system is a dependable, secure, and straightforward platform.

Each module contains a single FireRaptor OBFRS-01 assembly that is controlled by a two-conductor cable system with its own connectors. There are no wireless or power line communications on this system that could be disrupted by interference from the charge control, inverter, or the environment. The procedure is simple: the units will turn on if they are supplied with 24 VDC fuel; if that power is interrupted, they will turn off. The OBFRS-01 will switch off if the ambient temperature rises above 185°F (85°C), then turn back on when the temperature drops. If the temperature rises above 198°F (92°C), it will shut down and require a manual reset.

This system is compatible with any charge controller or inverter. Two MC4 module connectors on 5-inch pigtails, two string series pigtails with MC4 connectors every 71 inches, and two control wire pigtails with special connectors every 71 inches are included in each OBFRS-01 unit. The control wire is a dual-conductor jacketed wire with interchangeable connectors.

The OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F is a cable assembly with a connector on one end that plugs into the first FireRaptor and a connector on the other end that is hard-wired into the array j-box. It adds 71 inches to the length of the first FireRaptor’s lead.

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Dimensions 70 × 2 × 2 in


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