OutBack Power FLEXware FW250 AC/DC Disconnect Box


Outback, FlexWare 250 AC/DC Disconnect Box, 1 Inverter, FW250

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Outback, FlexWare 250 AC/DC Disconnect Box, 1 Inverter, FW250

The FLEXware 250 is built for a range of applications, including cabins, chalets, houses, remote communication locations, and backup power systems. The FLEXware 250 enclosure houses all of the required safety equipment in the smallest possible space and at the lowest possible cost.

One or two FLEXware 250 enclosures can be mounted on either end of a single FX Series Inverter/Charger due to their lightweight construction and unique mounting features. The FLEXware 250 enclosure, which is made of powder-coated aluminum, has achieved ETL certification. There are mounting locations for an AC GFCI outlet, AC breakers, and an I/O-Bypass Assembly, as well as breaker spaces for batteries, PV arrays, and PV GFP breakers. The FLEXware 250 has a large number of knock-outs that allow the installation of conduit, cable glands, and other installation accessories, in keeping with the FLEXware philosophy.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 11 in


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