ProSolar FoamJack FMJ-450-38-1L 4.5″ Standoff


ProSolar, FoamJack 4.5″ with Lag Bolt Base, 3/8″ Post, Qty. 1, FMJ-450-38-1L

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ProSolar, FoamJack 4.5" with Lag Bolt Base, 3/8" Post, Qty. 1, FMJ-450-38-1L

The Quick Jack’s proprietary design is now available in an easy-to-foam version for use on metal and industrial rooftops. Using one 3/8″ x 6″ lag bolt, this industrial-grade stanchion provides a total vertical strength of 2,870 lbs. It also has an outstanding axial (side) power of 2,615 lbs. The primary link to the roof, like the Commercial and Residential FastJacks, is made directly under the point of load. (Patent No. 6,360,491)

One fastener up to 3/8″ diameter can be used in the Foam JackTM base. The post comes in a 1/2 size “Using the optional commercial Leveling Package, the thread version completely combines with commercially available steel strut. The 3/8 inch “The Roof Trac support rail is compatible with the threaded post version.


  • Highlights – It’s easy to set up. The lag bolt or self-tapping screw is located directly under the removable post for superior power, thanks to a patented design. Foam instead of flashing allows for leak-free connections at a fraction of the expense of traditional flashing. Tumbled clean and precision machined from extruded aluminum for proper foam adhesion. For ease of installation and lower shipping costs, this material is considerably lighter than steel. The stanchion’s cylinder base allows for even foam distribution across the stanchion. Water does not funnel down through the top of the post because it is made of solid aluminum. There aren’t any welds to corrode or break.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in



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