Quick Mount PV QMSC-B-12 Bronze Comp Shingle Flashing


QuickMount, Flashing, Classic Composition Mounts, 12″ x 12″, Bronze, QBLOCK, Qty. 1, QMSC-B-12

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QuickMount, Flashing, Classic Composition Mounts, 12" x 12", Bronze, QBLOCK, Qty. 1, QMSC-B-12

The Classic Comp uses our proprietary QBlock Elevated Water Seal technology to ensure a long, watertight existence on composition/asphalt shingle roofs, making it the industry’s best-selling solar panel mount for rooftop solar installations of PV and solar water heating systems. The Classic Comp was also made to be simple to mount, requiring only one bolt. It’s backed by strong engineering, and the ICC-ES has certified it for strength and waterproofing. For composition/asphalt shingle roofs, the Classic Composition Mount is the most universally code-compliant mount available.


  • Safety – 7,762,027 and 7,895,808 are patent numbers. IBC-compliant to a tee. Certified by the ICC-ES. Meets or exceeds industry best practices in the roofing industry. Leading roof manufacturers have certified it for use.
  • Efficiency – One bolt installation. 2554 lbs. average pullout (Douglas fir); 2203 lbs. average shear. Works with all leading racks. Stainless steel hardware (included).
  • User Friendly – There will be no shingle cutting. The roof manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided. A ten-year warranty is included, with a 50-year life expectancy.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1.5 in


Quick Mount PV

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