S-5! CorruBracket 100T Mill Metal Roof Mounting Bracket


S-5!, Clamp, CorruBracket 100T mount for Corrugated Metal Roofs to mount directly into the Crest, with EPDM rubber gasket seal, 4 ¼” SS Self Tapping Screws & 1 M8-1.25 Flanged Nut, CorruBracket 100T

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S-5!, Clamp, CorruBracket 100T mount for corrugated metal roofs to mount directly into the crest, with EPDM rubber gasket seal, M10-1.5 and M8-1.25 Threaded holes, attachment fasteners not included, CorruBracket 100T

CorruBracket 100T is designed specifically for corrugated roofing profiles that are common in North America. CorruBracket 100T is affixed to the crest of the corrugation, leaving the drainage plane free of holes to protect against leaks. For medium-duty applications, the bracket can be attached directly to the sheeting, accommodating ancillary attachment anywhere along the corrugation. For heavy-duty applications, the bracket can be fixed into the underlying substrate for additional support without crushing the corrugation. Having no messy sealants to apply, CorruBracket 100T comes with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal already on the base, and the S-5!® patented reservoir conceals the EPDM from UV exposure, preventing UV degradation. Perfect for installing solar array systems and our S-5 PV kits, as well as snow retention systems like S-5 ColorGard. The slotted top hole, which accommodates standard M8 nuts and bolts, simplifies alignment and maximizes flexibility in attaching ancillaries. A structural aluminum attachment bracket, CorruBracket 100T is compatible with most common metal roofing materials. Because of the variety of possible applications, nuts and bolts are not included [available for separate purchase]. Installation is simple! CorruBracket 100T is mounted directly into the crest of the corrugation, straddling the valley. No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oil and debris, align, and apply. Secure directly into the crest of the corrugation by driving the appropriate screws into the pre-punched holes, or pre-drilling the proper-sized hole through the pre-punched holes and riveting.

The CorruBracket 100T Mini is slightly shorter than its regular counterpart and has two rather than four pre-punched holes in its middle. The mini is ideal for mounting signage, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning safety systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment, and just about everything else!*

*S-5! mini brackets are not compatible with S-5! SnoRail/SnoFence, ColorGard, or X-Gard snow retention systems and should not be used with them.


  • Highlights – CorruBracket 100T is a structural aluminum attachment bracket that fits most metal roofing materials. The holding power of the S-5! is unrivaled in the industry. S-five! CorruBracket 100T is the best way to mount almost everything to traditional corrugated roofing profiles in North America, including PV via rail or DirectAttached.
Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3 × 2.5 in



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