S-5! S-5-NH 1.5 Metal Roof Clamp


S-5!, Clamp, Size NH, fits 1-1/2″ Nail Strip Metal Roof Profiles, S-5-NH 1.5

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S-5!, Clamp, Size NH, fits 1-1/2″ Nail Strip Metal Roof Profiles, S-5-NH 1.5

The new S-5-NH 1.5 seam clamp fits any 1-1/2″ nail strip panel profile with a panel width of between 0.475″ and 0.80″. Each clamp includes one (1) M8-1.25x16mm Stainless steel flanged bolt, two (2) stainless steel set screws, and a reversible insert.

Introducing the newest addition to the “N” clamp line of products, the S-5-NH 1.5 is designed specifically for 1.5” (38 mm) nail strip profiles with a wider horizontal dimension (> 0.475” and < 0.800”). The “H” stands for hinged; and the NH is an ideal mounting solution for VicWest PrestigeNewTech FF150 and similarly-dimensioned profiles.

The S-5-NH fits 1-1/2″ Nail-Strip panel profiles that have a wider horizontal dimension from 0.475″ to 0.8″ in width.


  • Reversible Hinge allows for fit on both wide and also medium width panel profiles
  • Hinged Insert conforms to shape of seam, preventing damage or puncture at the point of attachment
  • Optimal Holding Strength. The toe on the hinged portion of the clamp engages the female portion of the panel
  • Staked Clamp Body prevents the insert from walking during installation and tightening of set screws
  • Angled Setscrews make it easier to tighten with a screwgun
  • T-30 Torx setscrews improve driver bit withdrawal after the screw has been tensioned
  • Standard and Mini sizes available (mini clamps should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems)
  • 6000 Series aluminum body and insert
  • 300 Series stainless steel hardware

Weight 0.57 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 1.75 in



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