S-5! S-5-S mini (No Bolt) Metal Roof Clamp


S-5!, Clamp, Size S, Mini, for Snap-Together roofs with Horizontal Seams under .540”, S-5-S mini

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S-5!, Clamp, Size S, Mini, for Snap-Together roofs with Horizontal Seams under .540”, No Bolt, S-5-S mini

The S-5-S Mini is a non-penetrating, medium-duty seam clamp. (It’s a little shorter than the S-5-S and only has one setscrew instead of two.) Signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lights, lightning protection systems, solar panels, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate cables, mechanical equipment, and just about everything else can be connected to the Mini.

he S-5-S mini seam clamps, a shorter version of the original S-5-S seam clamp, are extraordinarily versatile clamps, specifically created for popular snap-together standing seam profiles. The S-5-S mini can be used to avoid having to crimp-seam profiles such as Firestone UC4 and New Tech Machinery SS550 and SS675. They also accommodate horizontal seams where the horizontal projection is under 0.54 inches without the need to double fold the seam! Perfect for installation of solar panels, satellite dishes, rooftop mechanical equipment, signs and more. The S-5-S mini seam clamp should never be used with ColorGard snow retention systems. If you are using ColorGard, make sure to use the original S-5-S seam clamp. The S-5-S mini clamp comes complete with one [1] 3/8″x24 x 0.80″ round nose set screw.. All hardware is stainless steel.

Weight 0.224 lbs
Dimensions 1.35 × 1.5 × 1.5 in



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