Topaz 251-RT2 3/4″ EMT Compression Connector


3/4″ EMT Rain Tight Compression Connector, Qty.1, 251-RT2

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3/4" EMT Rain Tight Compression Connector, Qty.1, 251-RT2

Topaz’s powerful and dependable EMT connectors have a compression style assembly that ensures a raintight and concrete tight link, preventing damage from the elements and ensuring continued high efficiency. Steel construction with a zinc plating helps to maintain integrity, and the assemblies have a steel locknut and gasket. EMT thin wall conduits are tightly bonded to electrical boxes or enclosures with this adhesive. Abrasion resistance is improved with insulated throat versions. UL listed and available in sizes ranging from 1/2” to 4”. Compliant with NEMA/ANSI FB-1.

Weight 0,14 lbs
Dimensions 1,53 × 1,31 × 1,31 in


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