Topaz TOPAZ 4303, 1″x50ft, Aluminum Flexible Conduit


1″ Flexible Aluminum Flex Conduit, 50′ Coil, TOPAZ 4303

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1" Flexible Aluminum Flex Conduit, 50' Coil, TOPAZ 4303

Topaz’s flexible Aluminum Conduit features a smooth interior for easy wire pull through and is suited for raceways in small spaces.  At one-third the weight of steel conduit, our aluminum conduit is easier to handle, cut and transport. Available coiled in lengths from 25’ to 250’ with diameter sizes from 3/8” to 4”. Fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and tempered for additional strength; pair with Topaz’s complete line of connectors and clamps. UL listed.



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