Unirac E-Boss 00802CM Conduit Mount


UniRac, E-Boss Comp Conduit Mount Kit, 8 X 12″ Flashing for ¾ & 1″ Conduit, 00822CM

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UniRac, E-Boss Comp Conduit Mount Kit, 8 X 12" Flashing for ¾ & 1" Conduit, 00822CM

Unirac E-BOSS is an electrical balance of systems component line that works with UNIRAC mounting systems. Total integration of UNIRAC’s mounting system and electrical accessories greatly simplifies installation and guarantees that every component of the mounting system is protected by UNIRAC’s industry-leading 25-year full system warranty. In order to ensure that any installation is flawless, demand that your entire system is 100 percent UNIRAC!

  • Features – Installation is simple and the compatibility is remarkable.
Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 0.25 in



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