Unirac GFT 411246M 246″ (21′) Mill Ground Tilt Rail


UniRac, DGFT – Ground Fixed Tilt RAIL 246″ MILL, 411246M

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UniRac, DGFT – Ground Fixed Tilt RAIL 246" MILL, 411246M

GROUND FIXED TILT (GFT) is a regular, lightweight ground mount system that is in stock and ready to ship from North America’s largest ground-mount distribution network. From licensing to installation, including region-specific engineering, UNIRAC’s unmatched commercial project support makes construction easy. GFT’s improved approach, which involves a modern shared rail design, increases system, and labor performance. Plus, with SOLARMOUNT Mounting Technology and UNIRAC’s industry-leading 25-year warranty, you can rest easy.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 246 × 24 × 24 in



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