Unirac QMC-TRF-S-A-12 S-Tile Flashing


QuickMount, Tile Replacement Flashing, S-Tile, Use with QM Tile Hook, MILL, Qty.1Q, QMC-TRF-S-A-12

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QuickMount, Tile Replacement Flashing, S-Tile, Use with QM Tile Hook, MILL, Qty.1Q, QMC-TRF-S-A-12

  • The Tile Replacement Mount makes it simple to install solar on tile roofs while still shielding them from water intrusion. Simply remove the tile and install the Tile Replacement Mount in its place. Both standard curved and flat tile roofs, as well as all standard rail-based racking systems, are compatible. The Tile Replacement Mount is completely designed to meet code specifications and industry best practices, with flashing on both the deck and top stages. For maximum waterproofing, the Tile Replacement Mount uses our proprietary Elevated Water Seal technology. The flashing and post are sold separately from the base install.
  • FeaturesHighlights – Flat, S-shaped, and W-shaped tiles are all compatible. All standard rail-based racking systems are compatible. Simple and uncluttered: There’s no need to grind or cut tiles, which is time-consuming and messy. Double flashed: For code enforcement, both the deck and tile levels were flashed. Waterproof: QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology is proprietary. If required, the flashings have been pre-treated and are ready to be painted. For cost-effective stocking and shipping versatility, the post and flashing are sold separately from the base mount. On the work, he makes replacement tiles. Tile roofing best practices are met or exceeded. The product is available from a number of reputable distributors. IBC-compliant to a match. Both hardware and fasteners are included. The warranty is for 20 years, with a 50-year life expectancy. All leading racks are compatible. Made in the USA.
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Dimensions 18.75 × 15 × 6.25 in
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