Unirac SFM Infinity 008100U Bonding Clamp


UniRac, SFM Infinity Rail-Less, Trim Bonding Clamp, 008100U

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UniRac, SFM Infinity Rail-Less, Trim Bonding Clamp, 008100U

For flush mount installations on composite shingle and tile roofs, UNIRAC’s innovative PV mounting system is the way to go. SFM INFINITY, an innovative 3rd generation product platform used by top solar contractors around the country, optimizes the operations on and off the roof by using 40% less labor, 30% less logistics, and 20% less roof attachments than conventional solar racking. SFM INFINITY’s aesthetics are still favored by 87 % of homeowners, and it’s backed by UNIRAC’s industry-leading 25-year full system warranty.

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Dimensions 2.43 × 1.31 × 1.38 in




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