Unirac SolarMount 310246C 246″ (21′) Clear Rail


UniRac, SolarMount Rail, 246″, Clear Anodized Finish, Qty. 1, 310246C

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UniRac, SolarMount Rail, 246″, Clear Anodized Finish, Qty. 1, 310246C

UniRac’s SolarMount system sets the standard for solar racking, and the system’s components are all built to get you off the roof as quickly as possible. Their grounding and bonding process removes the need for copper wire and grounding belts, saving you money in the long run. UniRac’s latest Superior Aesthetics Package features a sleek clean edge and new front trim for improved curb appeal, and installation requires no special brackets. With revolutionary universal clamps, FlashKit Pro, full device UL 2703 certification, and a 25-year warranty, SolarMount is a complete solution.

The SolarMount 310246C Rail has a clear anodized finish and is completely compliant with all existing SolarMount components. A splice kit is needed if your desired rail length exceeds 246 inches. The lengths of the spliced segments should be as close to equal as possible.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 246 × 2.5 × 1 in



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